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Spa Club – Private Banya Taiga

Natalia Interior Design was appointed to design the Private Banya Taiga for the already existing Banya No. 1 in London. A banya is the Russian equivalent of a sauna, but with a lot more steam. Combining authenticity and luxury, TAIGA offers a traditional Russian steam sauna, hot stone and treatment rooms, a plunge pool, cold bucket showers and a private lounge & dining area.

Dimensiones totales
13 × 2,5 × 7 m / 91 m² (Largo, Alto, Ancho / Área)
Precio total
$ 9.586,4
  • Treatment room Natalia Interior Design Baños Turcos Caliza Blanco

    Treatment room

    Calm, relaxing atmosphere. Soft, violet LED light. Massage after sauna is amazing treatment!

  • Cold water tub Natalia Interior Design Baños Turcos Madera Beige

    Cold water tub

    Cold water tub is great after hot sauna!

  • Cold water barrel Natalia Interior Design SpaAccesorios para spas y piletas Madera Beige

    Cold water barrel

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    Another method to cool down after parenie, sauna

  • Steam room and wet zone Natalia Interior Design Baños Turcos Madera Acabado en madera

    Steam room and wet zone

    The steam room is unique – a traditionally constructed “Srub” or log cabin which has been used in Russian countryside banyas for centuries. A Srub is a cabin built of interlocking wood logs, requiring no other bolts or fixings to maintain its form

  • Lounge Natalia Interior Design ComedoresMesas Madera Acabado en madera


    Russian SPA club, dinning lounge. Combining traditional Russian wall cladding and furniture renovation (built-in fridge in buffet)