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A Renovation that Makes All the Difference!

Leigh Leigh
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When we speak about a space, we are talking about something that has certain boundaries or limits. In the case of architecture, it features different sides and boundaries, which enclose it. These include floors, walls, ceilings and a roof.

These are the components of a home and its these boundaries that create the final result.

We can add windows to our boundaries, allowing light in as well as changing up the characteristics of the structure. This creates a very interchangeable space. There is no such thing as finite possibilities when it comes to architecture. 

Today's project, created by IDEEAA in Seoul, South Korea shows just how much possibility architecture holds. This small apartment, that we are about to witness, has been totally transformed!

Between Walls

This image represents the pre-existing space where our expert architects intervened.

At first glance, it seems like there is very little chance of salvaging this tiny space. How much room could there possibly be for intervention?

Tucked between two walls, a floor, a window and a ceiling, this space seems to be doomed for failure.


In this image, we can see that there are endless opportunities when it comes to this tiny, incorrigible space. 

The ceiling has been enhanced and takes on a whole new perspective thanks to these geometric lines. It makes it look that much bigger! This sets the scene for a brand new space, where the architects can reshape the home and its boundaries to their advantage. 

A whole new modern home awaits!

Containing functions

Given the limitations in terms of size, we can see that each room and its function was cut off from each other before the renovation. The furniture arranged in each area is very compact, creating a home that feels stiff and cold.

In this kitchen, for example, even though it is open plan it seems a bit small and lost, with no real heart or soul. Your kitchen should always be warm and inviting!

New space, new features

First, the designers have really played with the vertical area available to them, creating dynamic and interesting spaces. Don't you think the kitchen takes on a whole new look and feel now that the space has been broken up with a loft area?

The fresh clean lines, white tones and wooden floors make the space so much lighter and brighter. It also looks so much more spacious.

The kitchen looks completely refreshed and renewed.

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From above

If we head into the little loft area, we can see how the height and the space made available has amplified the home from every angle. 

The loft has created a whole new space, which be used for a bedroom, a living room or even a study.

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Interior Light

The quality of space as well as the ambiance of a home depends entirely on the amount of light in the room. 

We aren't simply referring to natural light, although this is very important for a small home! Opt for windows, skylights and large glass doors if possible, allowing sunlight to spill into each room.

Artificial light, however, is just as important. Not only is artificial light functional, but it also enhances certain elements and details throughout the interior and the exterior space of a home. 

In this modern and refurbished apartment, we can see how light plays such an important role, opening the home up as well as making it far more welcoming and homely. With strategic lighting, you'd never notice the limitations of space because an illusion is created, diverting the eye from the walls or the ceiling.

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