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An extraordinary geometric abode

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Casas modernas: Ideas, imágenes y decoración de studio origin Moderno
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Nothing quite reveals the creativity of a designer like the innovative use of everyday materials. And when it comes to everyday building materials, there is nothing so ubiquitously used as ordinary bricks and raw concrete.

In the home we will explore today, these rather everyday housing materials have been used to create a home with a singular, geometric beauty. The architects Studio Origin arranged these materials into three distinct masses. Each mass has been shifted and moved to create a beautiful geometric form. At the same time, the details of the facade have been designed to form geometric shadows and compelling shapes. This is a unique project, so come with us on a photo tour to explore the results in more detail…

Contemporary narrow exterior

The home is located in Yangpyeong, a rural area located in the middle of the Korean peninsula, and surrounded by several mountains. As we can see in this aerial view, the house is comprised of three narrow rectangular masses orientated to face the river. Although the masses have been slightly skewed to create irregular shapes, the roof levels have been slightly raised to create fine rectangular lines. It's a subtle detail, but one that reveals the amount of focus and care taken in every element of this home.

Gently shifting ground levels

From this angle, we have a better sense of how the three different masses interlock together. The design works in a series of gently shifting layers that run from the flat concrete roof down to the gently shifting entry stairs. The shapes and surfaces have each aligned and decorated to create a myriad of geometric configurations. The home is just 35.1 square metres, but it is a small home big on style.

Unique brickwork

The exterior has a distinctive geometric pattern on the brick walls and fencing. This has been created with a unique arrangement of bricks. This pattern is also reflected in the hollowed out shapes of the fence. We will explore this in detail a little later. But for now, note how the gutters and vents have been hidden inside the black brick walls to maintain maximum elevation.

Shadow art

Here we have a better view of the depth of the brick and fence patterns. The strength of the sunlight creates negative space in both areas that adds another layer of geometry to the design. Shadow art is a common feature in some Asian architecture and here is a good example of how it can be done well. Aside from this, the shifting nature of the building masses has also led to this outdoor timber deck area and natural seating area on our right.

Geometric decor

The geometric sensibility we saw outside continues inside the home. Here, in the contemporary kitchen we have an unusual series of narrow ceiling lights and black tiles. The floor may be made from wood, but the kitchen cabinets are white and there is no other colour present. In general, the colour palette inside the home is monochromatic.

A natural focus

In the timber hallway here, the unusual ceiling lines direct our focus towards the rear windows. These are the windows that face the river and surrounding forest. Here, we get a sense of the open, minimalist living spaces in the home. But we also get a glimpse of the delicate balance between private and public spaces in this contemporary home.

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