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9 awesome ideas to place TV in small rooms

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Almost every modern home in today’s world is dominated by television. The remote control of the slim and trim LCD screen also controls our life. The thin screen of television comes with its own advantage. It can be hung on the wall and doesn’t need a piece of furniture to hold it. However, we cannot ignore the fact that even if switched off, television still holds a place of importance in our home and attracts attention. So the importance of designing a wall dedicated for TV to create a visual impact increase in our home. When the room is small and TV is there, the onus is to make a decorative statement out of it.

Today our designers have come up with some awesome design ideas to make the TV a decorative piece of your home. Have a look!

​1. Functionality of multi-functional space

When the TV is fixed to the wall the whole space is free to use. Build cabinets and shelves all around the TV and highlight its importance in the space. Though TV itself will be piece of decoration, still you can use the shelves and showcase to decorate and show your prized possessions. Below the TV cabinets can be used to keep other electronic gadgets that go with TV.

​2. When wall becomes a canvas

Open brick wall merging with smooth wall decorated with an abstract art piece, two futuristic chairs with small table resting on shiny floor and a sleek and slim TV guarded by two box shaped shelves; it’s minimalist and modern expression on the wall.

​3. Holding your collections

For those who love to collect memorabilia from their vacations, display it with love in your living room around the TV and the view of it while watching it will keep the beautiful memories alive. You can also use the space and open shelves to build a small library for your family to keep the favourite books handy.

​4. Elegance is in simplicity

Though the layered textures of the wall are attractive, yet TV has retained its crown and remains the center of attraction of this small simple room. Sofa is set in L-shaped to make viewing comfortable for all. Like TV even the TV unit below the television is trimmed down to maintain the integrity of the space.

​5. Comfort of being a couch potato

While watching your favourite program or enjoying the World cup with family, the only thing in mind is comfort then this amazing idea is for you. There is nothing more relaxing than a sofa where you can sink in. Hidden lights from the ceiling, the minimalist décor and soothing tones of the room create a perfect ambience.

​6. Framed in a box

A simple hack to make a small space feel spacious is by installing mirror in the room. Why not use the mirror wall and frame the TV in the wall of mirror to make it more attractive. Complement the smoothness of glass with roughness of stone wall and raw wood shelves to create amazingly impressive drama in the room.

​7. Bold and beautiful

The bold and sturdy wooden cabinet with an antique touch and modern television fitted on it; it’s a beautiful amalgamation of the bygone era with the modern technology. The colour of the sofa matches with the wood of the cabinet. The antique touch of the center and side table is adding glamour to the elegant room.

​8. Ripple on the wood

Horizontal rows of wooden planks with waves at frequent intervals are an innovative and interesting way to cover the area behind the television. A wooden board in the size of TV is installed over which TV has been fixed. Rest of the space is covered with long planks forming open shelves. The size of the cabinet below the TV is built to keep the electronic gadgets is just perfect for the space.

​9. Dividing the space to unite the family

TV has immense power when it comes to uniting the family. TV time is usually the family time. And when TV is installed in the partition wall, it doesn’t matter what’s behind the TV. In fact, the beautiful wooden partition wall holding the TV is not dividing the space; it is integrating the common area to welcome the family to stay together.

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