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20 interior doors that add value to your home

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The main gate or entrance door to a house needs to be strong and tough. But you can go little easy with the doors that are there in the house interiors. Interior doors are available in different designs and styles and can help in determining the characteristic of a space brilliantly. Mentioned below you can find some great looking interior door models, which act as decorative element for the home along with providing privacy and security. Take ideas and inspirations from the door models mentioned below if you are confused regarding which door model and style to choose from:

1. Wooden doors with distinct lines

Check out this amazing door model, which will be suitable for all kinds of homes. The door has simple lines with modern style interpretation. You can also look for alternative textures and colours of doors, which are in sync with wooden surfaces for inspiring door models.

2. The double-leaf door

homify Puertas interiores

This double-leaf door style is excellent for large walls and open spaces. If required, it is possible to create a spacious and wider environment by opening up both the wings of the doors.

3. Geometric patterns and forms on the door

If you are looking for modern door models, you are sure to like this one. This door model has geometric forms and patterns along with plain lines, which make the whole appearance very classy.

4. Establishing the relation between the design and the material used for the door

If establishing harmony in the place is your motto, this style will definitely not fail. In this design, the door borders are highlighted with wood, which is in sharp contrast to the white colour of the door surface. The texture and colours create a great impact in the door settings.

5. Natural walnut wood

Check out this extremely stylish looking natural wooden door, which sync perfectly with the other décor of the place. The stone wall decorations and the walnut wooden door pattern sync perfectly with one another for its naturalness.

6. Absolutely modern looking interior door

Sliding doors have become very popular for interior door systems in houses. With this system, it is possible to cover large open areas or open the door as much as needed. Sliding door systems help in saving lots of floor space as well. No angle will be required to open and close the door, saving space as a result.

7. French door models

If you have no idea about French door models, you can check out the image provided. These door styles have gained immense popularity lately. With the advantage of having double wings, these doors are suitable for traditional as well as modern home settings.

8. Using artistic designs for doors

Glastüren, Design Vertiko 134, kepka ART kepka ART Puertas Puertas

If you love experimenting with designs and patterns for your home décor including furniture, curtains, carpets, floors etc, you can definitely check out various kinds of artistic models, which look attractive and draw attention. See that the colours and textures are in sync with the overall décor of the place.

9. Sliding door systems

When the door will open to a larger space or area, sliding door systems are always the best option. They come in linear arrangements, adding the illusion of spaciousness.

10. Doors with fun and multi-purpose elements

Did you ever think that door models could be fun? Try these door panels which come with multipurpose blackboards. These not only add color to the doors, but are also considered as entertainment elements.

11. Try the vintage design

Vintage models have the capacity of adding warmth to the ambience and add to home décor significantly. This design is highly suitable for people who are interested in having models with periodic traces in the kitchen décor.

12. Wall sliding door systems

A different way to open up... homify Puertas y ventanas modernas doors,door

When compared to other walls, this one has an extraordinary system. The wall is aligned in a special manner so that the door can be slid inside. Abundant ground space is obtained with this system and is apt for narrow and small spaces.

13. Use of frosted glass

homify Puertas de vidrio

Frosted glass door models have a sophisticated and classy appeal. Such glass helps in getting a refreshed look when the door closes. Both need and aesthetic appeal is satisfied with this arrangement.

14. Classic appearance

Check out these extremely interesting door models which come with a classic trace. There is a large door wing and the placement of the doors is in a manner that they add a classic and sophisticated touch to the place beautifully.

15. Rustic doors

Check out the overall décor of the place and you will find that the decorations are all in rustic materials. There is heavy use of wood in the place. The natural textures and the peaceful ambience go hand in hand with one another.

16. Door model like a winery

These doors look wonderful for studio apartments or for large and lavish office settings. These large doors need not be opened all the time and when closed take the appearance of a wall. In such an arrangement, sliding doors are highly preferable as the size of the doors is large.

17. Combination of rustic and modern items together

Various styles can be combined in creating unique door models. This will also play a crucial role in home décor. Try combining rustic door models with modernized styles and see the effects. The combination of simple lines and wooden elegance is simply perfect.

18. Combination of shiny floors and silver details

The complete décor of the place has reflection of classic style and elegance. The door model in silver colour is used to maintain harmony in the space. Metallic paints are also used on the doors, floors and other items if needed to create harmony and uniformity in the space.

19. The wooden sliding door

homify Puertas y ventanas modernas

See this door model for the interiors of your house. The door has natural textures and looks extremely stylish. In fact, if not told, one might not even understand that this is a sliding door in the house interiors. The floor color and the decorative items in the place are perfectly in sync with the door model and design.

20. Completely transparent doors

Transparent door models have their own beauty and charm. It is obvious that these doors cannot be used in places where privacy is sought. Good for sitting places and living rooms, these doors add depth with the transparent surfaces.

Choose from the above mentioned models and see which one will be best suited for the house interiors and install one accordingly as per preference.

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