6 tricks for making low ceilings appear higher

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6 tricks for making low ceilings appear higher

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Low ceiling heights can really shrink a room, which is why interior designers have been striving to find a bunch of techniques that will help expand the perceived height and today, we are going to share some of the most successful! Essentially, it's all about decorating with some serious savvy, while also thinking about how you can create some useful optical illusions, but don't worry about trying to dream any up yourself! We have six fantastic tips to share with you today, so whether you feel cramped in your kitchen or your bedroom is a little bijou, you can employ all of them to really make your rooms appear higher!

1. Choose the right colours.

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Painted ceilings are enjoying something of a renaissance right now, but if you have low ceilings, we can't recommend that you start experimenting with dark or daring hues. We know that might be a bit of a blow, but the darker your ceiling is, the lower it will feel! To use colour to your advantage, you should be sticking with the pale end of the neutrals spectrum. We know that you might want something a little more exciting than white, however, so how about a very pale grey? Paint your coving in the same colour as well and it will really make your low ceiling appear higher!

2. Trick the eye with lighting.

The more you can flood your ceiling with light, the higher it will look, so it's time to start researching uplighters! Instead of seeking to install light fixtures that project light down and away from the ceiling, your main lights should illuminate it, while extra light sources, such as lamps, fill the room with a warm ambience. If you've painted your ceiling a pale colour, a lot of light will really amplify the effect.

3. Use low-level furniture.

It makes perfect sense, but so many of us negate to consider the height of our furniture, when trying to make a low ceiling appear higher! We'll install large wardrobe and dressers like they are going out fashion but really, we want to be looking for sleeker, lower items, which will offer more blank space between them and the ceiling itself! You'll often find that retro pieces are very well suited to this task.

4. Think about your wall designs.

You might really fancy some statement wallpaper or funky wall finishes, but if you are contending with low ceilings, you need to think about how your choices will affect the perceived dimensions! To stretch your room upwards and give the illusion of a much higher ceiling, you could use vertical stripes, as seen here, or for a fabulous and very on-trend paint finish, an ombre effect, which gets paler towards the top, would be perfect!

5. Get your window dressings in on the act.

We know you are probably scratching your head at this tip, but it is nothing  more than common sense! By hanging your curtains as high up on your wall as possible, you'll create the illusion of much longer windows and in turn, far higher ceilings. You could even think about vertically striped fabrics, to double up on the optical illusion effect. So simple and yet this tip is exceptionally effective!

6. Amplify the effect with accessories.

Finally, you can give your low ceilings a little nudge by adding accessories that draw the eye upwards. Tapered vases are a super idea, as are slim but long pieces of art and, if you want to try your hand at a gallery wall, be sure to hang your pictures nice and high, as appose to in a wide formation. 

For some more ceiling inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fabulous ideas for a stunning ceiling décor.

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