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Reduce noise: Tips for a quiet home

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We all know what it's like, an old home creaks, rattles and cracks with the wind. However, to reduce noise in rooms you'll need to have a look at the source of the problem. These homify tips and tricks will help you reduce sound or reduce echo throughout your house, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet without being scared because you're alone. Our simple yet helpful hints include incorporating the perfect furniture, geometric details or even accessories that are sure to dampen the sound effects in your home. Let's take a look!

1. Textiles

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Textiles are another reliable way to reduce sound in a room. Naked walls and smooth surfaces will enhance sounds throughout the space, while carpets and curtains around windows as well as upholstered furniture, can wonderfully reduce noise, while providing a cosy decor element too. Fluffy carpets are ideal for a double storey home, keeping the noise to a minimum downstairs.

2. Barriers

Open planned spaces, large rooms and smooth surfaces reflect sound and ensure that it spreads unhindered or even intensifies its effect. So, if you are looking for ideas to reduce noise in the house, then consider incorporating glass doors and windows for a brilliant interior with surfaces that absorb sound. Incorporate furniture that will divide a room and reduce the echo that comes with an empty room.

3. In the kitchen

You may think how can I reduce the noise in the kitchen? Well, by including modern appliances your kitchen will be far less noisy. These sleek appliances use less electricity compared to the older models and are made to be quieter and more efficient too. Modern dishwashers and washing machines, are now less than 50 decibels, which is no louder than a conversation.

4. Insulation

So you've blown your budget on a modern appliance that seems to still be too loud for you, then consider insulation to reduce the noise. Rubber reduces heavy vibrations and disturbing sounds, this can be used to reduce background noise from your stairs and loud next door neighbours too. Felt pads under the chair and table legs will reduce the sound of the chairs being moved on your wooden floor and can be perfectly adapted to the modern decor.

5. Repairs and improvements

No one wants to hear their neighbour flushing the toilet or taking a shower, this is where insulation comes in to reduce the sound, and tubular shells can be pushed over pipes, to provide sound insulation. However, it's not only the pipes in the floor and wall that can be annoying, it's also the wooden floors that creak and grumble unpleasantly, especially as they age. This usually happens after nails are loosened over time, just contact a carpenter to fix the problem.

6. Exterior sound

It's not only the sound of the interior that can be annoying in the dead of night, but it's also the sound from the street that can be exceptionally irritating. Double glazing is helpful here, especially for your bedroom windows, and remember to close all nooks and crannies around the window with an insulating silicon. Roller shutters are another means of avoiding sound from penetrating indoors. Have a look at The best tricks for a room without windows.

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