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A well organised wardrobe is one of those things that can brighten anyone’s day. If, like with so many others, it takes you quite a while to get out of bed after you switched off the alarm, you’ll know for sure how much time can be saved by having a well-organised wardrobe.

Don’t forget, then, to devote some time to choosing the best type of wardrobe for your bedroom or to keep it organised in order for your routine run more smoothly. No more excuses: it doesn't matter if your home is small or if you have sloped ceilings. In this Ideabook you’ll find the ideal wardrobe for your home.

Harnessing attic space

As we have already mentioned, sloped ceilings are not an excuse for not having a proper and tidy closet. Note the image above where the closet space was constructed in order to take advantage of the maximum height of the walls.

At the very top, where the space is narrower, advantage is taken of the placement of shelves made to measure. Here you can place objects which you don’t need every day. The bottom shelf has a rod for hanging clothes – ingenious, right? Below this are several drawers, ideal to pack away sweaters and underwear. On the side where the ceiling incline is at its lowest, another set of drawers have been inserted for more convenient local storage.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Having too much space can be a problem, and leave the space untidy for most. In this case, the most advisable is to compartmentalise the wardrobe or closet in order to obtain zones with different heights and widths, which will allow you to store various different object of different sizes and forms. In this way, you’ll have designated spaces for tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes and jewellery respectively. It’s hard to fall into disorder if you choose this method.

Seeing is believing

If you have a very small closet with little space, this is the right inspirational image for you. This closet by Tiago do Vale Architects proposes the transformation of the walls into a very functional wardrobe, where the perimeters match the architecture of the house. The majority of the space in the room is thus unencumbered in order for you to add other furniture. Just be sure to leave enough free space to open the closet doors without any constraint.

A well-organised closet

The space that we see in the picture, proposed by the workshop Interiorismo Paloma Angula, is a hybrid between a wardrobe and a closet. The shelves at different heights are very suitable to the area. Note that all the shelves are on the upper side, so that the lower region can be utilised for footwear. The space is painted white, the ideal colour for small areas such as these.

Sliding doors to utilise all of the space

Perhaps you haven’t thought of it, but doors can take up a lot of room. If you have a wardrobe with traditional doors placed in a very small space, you should maybe replace it with sliding doors, or ultimately, by a smaller closet. To that end, why not be inspired by this colourful project by Ivan Torres Architects?

Mirror mirror on the wall

A full-length mirror is indispensable in a wardrobe worth its salt. Include it and enjoy it in the best way. Koshka Interiors offers us, in this image, a mirror with integrated lighting that in addition to illumination, gives the impression that the wardrobe is bigger than what it really is. This is the power of light and mirrored surfaces, ladies and gentleman. Do not forget this when decorating your home.

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