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5 Stylish living room ideas

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A living room is the most essential part in an Indian home. It is where the most action takes place. It is where the whole family gathers to watch TV or have conversations at the end of the day, guests are entertained, games are played, books are read, countless cups of garam chai are relished, and so much more. While designing your living room, it is important to stick to a theme and think about the purpose of the room. Once that is determined, other items like a centre table, sofa set, ottoman, and storage units, among other things can be decided. You can then complete the look by considering the kinds of curtains, rugs, lighting, and artwork that will blend with the setting. This article explores a few styles that you can take inspiration from. Also go through this ideabook for more ideas on living room decoration. 


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Lucky 4 Ranch

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When you think of a rustic theme room, your mind is filled with pictures of wooden furniture and comforting old-world charm. Like in this example, the quirky wooden wagon turned centre table, the distressed fabric of the sofa, hardwood flooring and beams overhead all contribute in making this room feel like a cozy ranch or cottage. You can add character to the room by throwing in a plush, ethnic-inspired rug, throw cushions, and comfy blanket for cold nights. The use of subtle yellow lights can instantly bring a warm and appealing look to your living room.   

Chic and Stylish

Living rooms with huge spaces can be difficult to decorate and design. In such cases, it is better to stick with the mantra of less is more. With the use of minimum furniture and other items, large living rooms look fresh and airy. Take a clue from this example, that sticks to a Scandinavian inspired theme with porcelain white walls, light grey sofa set, and pink chairs. The dark hardwood floors are a contrast to the otherwise white theme.  


If you are the arty kind with a love for bright pops of colour, then what could be better than to introduce it in your own living room? Small or large living spaces can be done up in vibrant colours that give a sense of positivity. You can have the walls painted in bright or dark colours with classy textures, introduce bright upholstered sofa sets, cabinets, and other elements. Add some vibrant rugs, paintings, and throw cushions for good measure and turn your room into an artist's den. 

Simple and Clean

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Casa de campo en Galicia

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Looking for pocket-friendly room decor ideas? An easy option is to redecorate your room using things picked from a flea market. You can easily repaint your old furniture in bright colours and decorate them with printed throw cushions. A simple stool can be turned to a centre table while the walls can be adorned with abstract paintings.  


Contemporary style living rooms are fast becoming the latest fashion trend. This example beautifully shows how one can stick to a single theme to make a room stand out. Varying tones of grey are introduced in different elements of the room. The plush leather sofa, clean glass centre table, and patterned rug all add to its overall beauty and charm. A ribbon fireplace gives this living room a warm and cozy ambience. 

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