25 types of fences and walls to make your house more stylish

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25 types of fences and walls to make your house more stylish

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Jardines de estilo  por -GardScape- private gardens by Christoph Harreiß
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South African homes are always in need of security and privacy and these 25 fantastic fences and walls will definitely enhance your style in sophistication, while protecting your home, property and family. So, whether you prefer the strong and noticeable security option or you like the discreet and natural fence with an artistic flair, then our homify professionals have included an option to suit your home and needs perfectly.

1. Natural wood

Lagos del Norte: Jardines de estilo  por estudio|44

Lagos del Norte


Wooden fencing is simple and affordable, while also being available in a variety of sizes to suit any requirement. Although it is imperative to waterproof the wood and treat it against termite infestation.

2. White wooden fence

Casa SIRI · Paula Herrero | Arquitectura: Jardines de estilo  por Paula Herrero | Arquitectura
Paula Herrero | Arquitectura

Casa SIRI · Paula Herrero | Arquitectura

Paula Herrero | Arquitectura

It’s harmonious and elegant with a steel undercover area to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the garden.

3. Trunks

un rincon: Jardines de estilo  por BAIRES GREEN

un rincon


Natural trunks or logs are essential for that rustic ambiance.

4. Pool protection

un jardin de cuentos: Jardines de estilo  por BAIRES GREEN

un jardin de cuentos


Fix a fence around your pool area and ensure that the children or animals cannot enter without supervision.

5. Textured wall

Protect your home and its contents without compromising on style with a stunning textured wall.

​ 6. Cosy terrace

A white wooden fence is light, simple and elegant, making the perfect edition to a stylish terrace.

7. Stone wall

Protect the home, while including natural elements into the décor.

8. Vertical garden

Decorate the wooden fence with a vertical garden and add an enchanting atmosphere to your outdoors.

9. Concrete and wood

Jardines de estilo  por Tyler Mandic Ltd
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

A concrete base and wooden fence that includes a planter for some pretty greenery incorpororates some elegant decoration too.

10. A bit of Zen

A Zen garden is perfect for relaxation and meditation.

11. Rustic protection

A colourful and creative backyard received can be cosy and comfortable with a stone wall too.

12. Wood art

Go for some artistic element with a wonderful wooden gate that is creative and contemporary.

13. Double personality

It’s another wooden construction, which keeps the prying eyes at bay, while protecting the home.

14. Iron wall

Cerramiento sobre la calle: Casas de estilo  por epb arquitectura
epb arquitectura

Cerramiento sobre la calle

epb arquitectura

Black iron walls are sleek and sophisticated for that modern home that welcomes sunshine and a friendly environment.

​ 15. Bamboo

Jardines de estilo  por Taffin

Jardin japonais à Enghien les Bains


A bamboo fence is a surprisingly sturdy, yet lightweight option for that home with an island vibe.

16. PVC

Jardines de estilo  por Ogrodzenia PCV
Ogrodzenia PCV

Ogrodzenie akustyczne

Ogrodzenia PCV

PVC may not be the first choice for your fence, but it is available in a variety of designs.

​17. Built for the landscape

Jardines de estilo  por Ogrodzenia PCV
Ogrodzenia PCV

Kratka ogrodowa PCV

Ogrodzenia PCV

Another great reason to opt for PVC is that it can be used to fence off your property in accordance with the slopes of your landscape.

18. A picket project

Jardines de estilo  por Ogrodzenia PCV
Ogrodzenia PCV

Brama skrzydłowa wklęsła 2

Ogrodzenia PCV

If you need an aesthetic fence without the secure element, then a small picket fence is cute and inviting.

19. With red bricks

Jardines de estilo  por Ogrodzenia PCV
Ogrodzenia PCV

Ogrodzenie proste 2

Ogrodzenia PCV

A small-fence combined with a low red brick is classic and simple.

20. Wood fence and concrete wall

Jardines de estilo  por Contractors

Ogrodzenie z betonu architektonicznego


The concrete offers a sturdier fence design that is chic and elegant too.

21. Curved blocks

This is a creative option, with a curved design and blocks painted in white enhancing a beautiful garden.

22. Bamboo, shrubs and steel

Jardines de estilo  por Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - individuelle Gartentore
Edelstahl Atelier Crouse – individuelle Gartentore

Edelstahl und Aluminium Sichtschutz

Edelstahl Atelier Crouse - individuelle Gartentore

Use more than one material to decorate your property: bamboo, shrubs and steel plates are an excellent choice.

23. Vibrant touch

Save money and be creative with vibrant colour concrete walls.

24. Red bricks and wood

Jardines de estilo  por New Images Architects
New Images Architects

Private House – Holland Park

New Images Architects

It’s classic and tasteful, with a red brick wall as an outdoor grill and varnished wooden fence completing the design.

25. Stainless steel

There’s nothing as modern and minimalist as a stainless steel fence. Have a look at these 9 simple ideas to decorate the outside of your home

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS

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