So long Hygge, embrace Lagom: The style trend of 2017

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Dominant interior design styles are aligning with new trends in health and sustainability this year as the decor style known as Lagom takes centre stage. If you've found yourself focusing on mindfulness, sustainability, and contentment as you formulated your New Year's resolutions, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the just enough Lagom aesthetic. Find out why interior design professionals everywhere love this smart, fresh trend!

Hearing about Lagom for the first time? The term has been around for centuries, translated from Swedish into an assortment of meanings revolving around just enough, sufficient, adequate, reasonable and in balance. And it's not just the Swedes who've got a single word to describe that mindful just enough way of being – there are similar words in Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Albanian, and even Ancient Greek (for the vocabulary nuts out there, the Greek term is Cleobulus, meaning moderation is best.) 

No matter your culture or language, one thing is a fact: there's always a point when enough is simply enough. No matter your language, sustainability and resourcefulness are crucial elements of a healthy and balanced life. Explore these Lagom-minded styles as they incorporate furniture and decor that's beautiful but not boastful, fun but not frilly, and always functionally minded with a deep appreciation for sustainability -  this style is all about quality over quantity. Leading a mindful and balanced lifestyle is always in vogue!

​Beautifully balanced

One interpretation of Lagom draws on the idea of being in balance. This beautifully balanced design uses a strong symmetrical layout to bring an equal weight to both sides of this kitchen. You'll notice that the stove and vent are located in the center of the set of blue cabinets, with a matching wall mounted light on either side. Likewise, three hanging bulbs find their center directly over the kitchen sink.


Lagom styles pay attention to reason in their design – no need to overwhelm the senses with frills, baubles, trinkets, and a heap of pillows and throws. In this example, colour has been used sparingly, mostly reserved for the big red couch, abstract art, and a few decorative pieces here and there. With the rest of the home kept in simple neutrals, this design is an example of using just enough colour, which achieves an energizing effect without confusing the space.

​Living little

Having just enough may mean that some downsizing is in order: in this kitchen, a miniature breakfast nook is all these residents need for a cheerful cup of morning coffee. This practical detail has utilitarian origins, and doesn't go over the top in any aspect – a few hanging bulbs, lightweight chairs, simple white and wood table (and of course, coffee!).


There are close ties between the just enough concept of sufficiency and the topic of self-sufficiency. Having a well-equipped, practical kitchen like this one encourages cooking meals at home, which can lead to an increased sense of self-sufficiency and satisfaction with your health and lifestyle.

​Lagom living room

Playing with Scandinavian and mid-century style, this Lagom layout makes a simple statement with minimal furniture and lightweight constructions that leave plenty of negative space.


Elements like this wood burning stove and innovative use of space contribute to a Lagom aesthetic. This layout keeps things smart and simple by housing the heating element (using renewable energy) very close to the seating area, requiring little heat production to create a cozy atmosphere.

Looking for more Scandi-inspired style? Take a 360-degree tour of this sunny, Scandinavian-style home!

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