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An old house gets a modern revival

Leigh Leigh
de J.O.N.G.architecten
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Today, we are going to visit a gorgeous, modern home, which was updated and enhanced by the architects from Jelle De Jong Architekten.

This home is located on a lush property with beautiful views. However, before the renovation it was quite outdated and dark. With a bit of creativity and a refreshing touch, it was transformed into a very appealing and attractive place that is sure to pique your interest. It's dull, dark interiors have been replaced by decor that's cheerful and modern.

Are you ready to take a look?

Before: Simply ordinary

There was nothing wrong with the home before the renovation, but as we can see in this image, it was rather outdated and unexciting. The simple white and grey facade is very ordinary and need of a breath of fresh air. 

Yet, we can also see just how beautiful the property is, with lush green grass and plenty of natural fauna and flora. There is also a lot of space, giving the designers an expansive base to work from with plenty of potential.

Before: Dark interiors

The main problem with the house before the renovation is the lack of natural light. We can see that as you step through the entrance, it is very dark and dingy. 

Your entrance is meant to be light, warm, bright and enticing. It's also meant to give guests and visitors a wonderful first impression of your home. 

This entrance is unfortunately very unappealing, despite the natural materials. The old-fashioned features and the lack of light does nothing for this space.

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Before: The outdated interior design

The interior design is very old-fashioned with colours and features that clash. It's important to keep up with trends when it comes to decor, ensuring that your home remains stylish and unique.

The burnt orange leather sofas and green cushions need to be replaced while the whole living room needs a breath of fresh air and a modern touch. 

Tip: Go for a neutral colour palette for your interior design and spruce it up with a few splashes of colour here and there. This will make it much easier to update every so often.

After: The modern masterpiece

The new home is incredible!

The designers have replaced the old-fashioned facade with a very contemporary design, including modern wooden cladding and plenty of glass. The home looks far more grand and impressive, while still fitting in beautifully to the natural surrounds.

The abundance of glass throughout the facade also enhances a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces, allowing the family to really appreciate the views and their gorgeous garden.

Wood is also a wonderful material for a modern home as it is classic and timeless, which means it won't date too quickly.

After: A whole new world

The interior design has been greatly improved thanks to the open plan nature of the spaces and the abundance of natural light that streams in.

The designers have managed to achieve a very bright and light interior by installing the large glass windows and doors throughout the facade, as we saw from the outside. They have also installed skylights throughout the roof, which allow sunlight to stream in. This is a very easy way to give the home access to light, without compromising on privacy.

An open plan design also creates a much lighter and more spacious interior, which is also far more interactive and engaging for the family. 

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After: Trendy spaces

The designers have opted for a neutral colour palette in the home, including large and comfortable beige sofas and wooden furniture. This allows them to have a little bit of fun with colours and patterns. They've used cushions and a rug to introduce these subtle flavours, which enhance but don't overwhelm the space. 

We can also see how functionality and style collide. A fireplace doubles up as a design element while the lamps bring trend and ambiance to the space. 

After: The final view

As we say good bye to this home, we can see just how beautiful the wood works with the surrounding garden, forest and landscape. This is a wonderful example of how raw materials can bring together rustic and contemporary style.

Remember that your exterior space is just as important as your interior space so the two should work together. 

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