Wasted 35 m² attic is born again

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Much too often it happens that a spacious and well-laid out house presents a room or two that is not living up to its full potential, either because it’s been decorated with the wrong décor and furniture pieces, or is standing empty on account of complete negligence. 

Such was the case with this family home in Belgium, in the picturesque town of Braine-Le-Château, which presented a lovely attic with ample room to spare (we’re talking no less than 35 m²) – problem is it wasn’t being used, except to gather dust bunnies and grime!

Enter expert interior architect Olivier de Cubber to come and turn this space completely around and have it fulfil a unique function of… well, to find that out, you need to scroll further ahead!

Before: Neglected and poorly insulated

Before the renovation was started, the attic space was poorly insulated, resulted in a freezing room during winter and a scorching hot spot in summer (guess we’ve established why it wasn’t used, then!). 

Luckily though, the homeowners decided that enough was enough, and that they were letting a perfectly good room go to terrible waste.

After: The brand new bedroom

So, after the appropriate measures were taken and some creative out-of-the-box thinking caps put on, the terrible attic was transformed into an ultra-modern bedroom which flaunts all the right clean, luxurious and contemporary touches to be classified as a comfortable interior space. 

Exposed ceiling beams in chocolate brown contrast magically with the creamy ceiling and also bring in a touch of rustic character to the modern space.

And we just love the brick-clad chimney in the background, which received a brand new coat of paint in the same white as the walls. The result is a unique background piece that strangely plays the part of both an elongated headboard and a piece of wall art.

After: Adequate storage space

Of course the renovation didn’t only bring in new colours and a comfy sleeping spot; we all know how important adequate storage facilities are in a bedroom, which is why cabinetry and drawers were also added to the newly created space of luxury.

After: A reading corner

And what was added into the opposite end of the new room? A quaint little bookcase which offers up a neat and comfortable selection of reading material – the perfect addition to any bedroom, whether it’s for the inhabitants or overnight guests, don’t you agree?

After: The entire new space

Before we depart, we deemed it appropriate to take one last look at the entire room to see how everything fits together. 

Even though a comfortably sized bed and bookcase were added, there is still ample legroom left for movement and to ensure a visually spacious layout. In addition, the old skylights were kept in (thankfully) to ensure a sparkling dose of natural lighting seeping inside on a daily basis – notice how effectively it bounces off the light tones and materials, illuminating the entire room in a bright and welcoming splendour. 

Definitely one of the classiest and most effective transformations here on homify! 

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