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18 bathrooms where wood steals the show

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
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Looking for bathroom designs with wooden elements for your new home project? Well have we got a treat for you!

You won't be disappointed when deciding on wooden bathrooms. Besides the practical features, they have stunning aesthetic characteristics. Whether you're looking for rustic, minimalist, or even elegant and sophisticated, wood is the element that will make everyone fall in love with your bathroom.

So get inspired from the collection below!

1. Natural feel

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Ideas y más ideas


It's no secret that wood brings us an organic feeling to any space, and it's no different in the bathroom. Add a small indoor plant and you'll really amplify that sentiment.

2. Subtle

Cases Singulars de l'Empordà - Tras Samària 14, Pals Baños rústicos de TONO BAGNO | Pasión por tu baño Rústico
TONO BAGNO | Pasión por tu baño

Cases Singulars de l'Empordà – Tras Samària 14, Pals

TONO BAGNO | Pasión por tu baño

Add subtle hints of wood with small panels like the one hugging this bath tub.

3. Spa time

When we think of spas, we often think of wood. When used everywhere, you'll feel like you have your very own day spa!

4. The vanity

Wooden vanities can create either a modern or traditional atmosphere, depending on the class of wood you choose.

5. Texturise

The different forms, shapes, and textures in this bathroom are very effective in creating a varied look.

6. Rustic

Raw wooden elements are the key factors in rustic homes, and this bathroom perfectly replicates that style. 

7. Sleek

Darker and sleek wood like mahogany and oak bring sophistication and a classy look to the space.

8. Log cabin

These wooden logs really give us the feeling of being inside a cabin, and you'll feel like it's the perfect getaway every time you take a shower.

9. Wood with stone

This bathroom uses a lovely mixture of wood and stone for an even more natural feel.

10. Don't try so hard

This room is about as natural a it gets, proving that even a single tree stump can be used to amp up your bathroom.

11. Unifying

Combinations of light and dark wood make this bathroom more dynamic and unifies the entire room.

12. Don't forget colour

Wood doesn't have to stay in its natural form to be beautiful. Find wood with different stains to achieve your preferred style.

13. Laminate

If you like the look of wood but not the cost, try laminate. Use it on any surface you'd like and give your bathroom character.

14. With porcelain

Wood and white are a favoured combo in the design world, and this bucolic bathroom reminds us of how we can combine pristine white porcelain with darkly stained wood for an innovative look.

15. Finishes

To achieve a simple eye-catching look, use warm finishes on the door or around the base of the tub.

16. On our way to shabby

House in Pune Baños rústicos de The Orange Lane Rústico
The Orange Lane

House in Pune

The Orange Lane

This bathroom is a cross between shabby chic and traditional rustic. The noticeable grain of the wood helps with that.

17. White contrast

If you're looking for even more white contrast in the bathroom, try painting some of the wooden features you already have, like this sink stand.

18. The little things

Finally, if you're at a loss as to where to add wood, just look up! Wooden ceilings provide more than enough wood to up the ante in your bathroom.

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