10 modular shelving ideas (perfect for modern houses)

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Whether your kitchen is modern or your living room is rustic, you still need adequate storage options in your house. In addition, some surfaces for your décor items are also a requirement (how else are you going to show off your delicate snow globe collection, for instance?).

So, to help you out with both of these, we thought we’d take a look at some stylish examples of modular shelves. Yes, due to their clever designs and diversity, modular shelves can help out with both hiding elements away and displaying them with pride. And then we haven’t even touched on the fact that they are available in different sizes, shapes, colours…

Take a look at some of the most striking ones we could find here on homify, and decide which ones would look perfect in your house.

1. Enclosed shelving

Thanks to the evolution in home design, a ‘shelf’ does not have to mean a simple vertical pane – it can also be a niche-like shape, as shown in our stylish example above. It shows off a bit of personality, don’t you think?

homify hint: Create your own enclosed shelves. Take a wooden case (like one used for storing wine) and mount it to your walls. Add some lighting fixtures to the top inside surfaces for extra shine.

2. Hide and show

These little boxes function as both shelves and cupboards – a two-in-one design, if you will.

Use the doors to store away any clutter elements or things you want to hide, and use the outside surfaces for your books, décor, and other interesting keepsakes.

3. A honeycomb touch

comedor, estantes y mesa diseño y fabricación de Lavolta Lavolta Comedores modernos Madera Acabado en madera

comedor, estantes y mesa diseño y fabricación de Lavolta


Some pattern can always add a bit of interest to your spaces, and fortunately motifs are not limited to fabric designs. These honeycomb (hexagon) shelf designs add some funky detail to your walls, and can be used for anything from books to wine bottles. 

Where would you place these in your house?

4. Cute colours

Nobody said you have to be content with what you get. So, if you don’t like the colour of those shelves, then by all means go for another option! 

From painters to plumbers, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

5. Livening up a dull space

We just love how this small bathroom got rescued by these wall-mounted modular shelves. As they take up no floor space, they add storage space for that abundance of bathroom necessities while leaving the floor clear and open.

Plus, how many people can walk into a bathroom every morning that displays such a funky use of colour?

6. A minimalist touch

Estantería modular BrickBox homify EstudioAlmacenamiento

Estantería modular BrickBox


On the other hand, if simple neutrals and a clean design is more your style, then your modular shelves can also help you out. Just see how elegant and straightforward these modular shelves look while helping out with display and storage. 

Remember: less is more!

7. Create your own designs

One of the best parts about loose modular shelves is that you can create your own designs. Pick and choose where and how you want to place them: on the floor, against the wall, in a specific layout, loosely scattered…

8. A bit of diversity

Variety is indeed the spice of life, and those modular shelves prove it. 

Just see how much more interesting this living room becomes thanks to the addition of those blue shelves. They break up the timber-clad wall while also bringing in colour and patterns to the space.

9. Space dividers

Want to separate those areas in an open-plan layout ever so slightly?

See how these modular shelves accomplished it without making either room feel small or cramped: they still allow you to see through to the other space!

10. Perfectly adaptable

Whether you need them for your formal study or for your child’s very casual bedroom, modular shelves can be styled up and coloured in to fit perfectly with your desired space and style. 

We especially love how these ones have been coloured in to flaunt some cool and hot tones. Now just think about adding wallpaper / gift-wrapping paper to the insides of those shelves to add both colour and pattern. 

Want to see some more storage/display options? Then see: Finding The Perfect Home Shelving System.

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