9 Houses That Explain The Pre-Fab Craze

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9 Houses That Explain The Pre-Fab Craze

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Estudios y oficinas de estilo  por Alventosa Morell Arquitectes , Moderno
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Why are pre-fab homes so popular? These homes are made and partially constructed off-site with cheap, durable, and beautiful materials. These homes are quick to assemble on-site and can provide superior environmentally friendly designs. We've chosen nine beautiful pre-fab homes, all in different styles, to explain why people have gone crazy over pre-fab homes. 

1. Simple and Sleek

Do you want a practical and simple exterior? This home is an affordable and bright option. It's sturdy construction can withstand the weather of the area and it's happy yellow exterior has been stylishly paired with a textured red roof. 

2. Construction

Here's pre-fab home in the construction process. Full wall panels were shipped to the site and then assembled by a construction team, piece by piece. Instead of a full poured foundation this pre-fab home will have corner concrete supports, which saves on money and time. However, this home cannot have a basement. 

3. Pre-Fab Pallet

The architects for this home used an unusual material, pallet wood! This cost-effective alternative for lumber boards gives the home a quirky style that anyone can replicate inexpensively. We love the combination of floor-to-ceiling windows with cute circular windows. 

4. Wooden Wonder

Pre-fab homes don't have to use cheap material like pallet wood. These stunning pine panels make this pre-fab home look incredible and natural. The in-built shelves are a dramatic detail that you might not have expected from a pre-fab home. Instead, such in-built architectural features are easily incorporated into these designs. 

5. Rustic Style

You don't need to feel limited to the modern design in the last home. Instead, the wooden wall panels of a pre-fab home can lend themselves to a rustic country style. Simply paint the interior white and add intricate furniture with floral country prints. Consider asking an interior designer to help you add the specific style you want for your pre-fab home. 

6. High Ceiling

It's a little more expensive, but you can add a huge ceiling into pre-fab constructions. This living room has been made dramatic and luxurious with it's tall ceiling in olive-washed wood. The windows on every wall pour in natural light, and the coppery flooring add warmth to the space. 

7. Steel and Siding

CASA ROBER: Casas de estilo  por JAARQ,Moderno



It's not just wood that you can use in a pre-fab construction. Steel and white siding are used here to create a modern home that has a distinct geometric style. It's black and white contrast is remarkable as well. 

8. The Library

High ceilings and in-built shelving? Yes, please! This huge office is a wonderful space for productivity, providing a ton of natural light and beautiful natural views. 

9. Open to the Sky

This amazing design shows off the best a pre-fab home can embody. It's simple materials and base make it clear that this home was cost-effective and quick to build, yet the style blends perfectly with the natural surroundings. Windows provide a view from every side and the sheltered patio is the perfect place to relax.

If you're loving these natural home designs you'll appreciate this modern home that's camouflaged as a natural cottage. 

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS , Moderno

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